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Welcome to Gaia Soaps and Gifts, the place to find the best handcrafted soaps and natural wax candles.  We carefully source all our ingredients for sustainability and environmental responsibility and use quality recycled products whenever possible. All products are hand-made by us and we take great pride in our workmanship. We thank you for your business.

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Holiday Collection

Get into the holiday spirit with these great gift and decorating ideas!!

From handmade soaps, to candles and more. You're sure to find that perfect gift for someone special, or the perfect accent to enhance your holiday style!

Handcrafted Soaps

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Exceptionally Crafted Soap

All our soaps are made with the finest quality products available. All sources are vetted for ethical and environmental sustainability. With a huge selection to choose from including floral, citrus, earthy or unscented, there is certain to be something to please everyone.

Unique Gifts

Unique Items Made From Recycled  Glass Bottles

We are proud to introduce our line of hanging lanterns, vases, and decorative bottles made from recycled wine and other glass bottles. These unique items make exceptional gifts and add style to your home or patio.


Hand-Poured Candles

We use only the finest quality wax for

 our hand-poured candles.  All of our ingredients are carefully researched and abide by strict environmental and sustainability standards.